Abdullah Al Hadi, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Design of Highly Efficient Multilevel Converter for Renewable Energy Source Integration to the Grid.

Abstract: The limitation of voltage and current capacity of power electronic devices hinder to increase the power density in the conventional power converters. As a solution multilevel converter were proposed recently to increase the power density but the converter topology draws more losses since this topology consist more switching devices than conventional topology. As a result, the efficiency does not meet the expectation. This project established the control technique for multilevel converter with novel idea of using different switching frequency in different legs of the converter to reduce the switching losses as well as increase the overall efficiency. Simulation results are carried out to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficient outcomes of the proposed model for grid-connected multilevel converters. The performance of the converter model is tested in MATLAB Simulink.

Presentation Author(s):
Abdullah Al Hadi*, Xingang Fu, and Rajab Challoo

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