Alison Ramos, West Texas A&M University

The Effectiveness of Disability Services in Higher Education

Abstract: This quantitative study focuses on the effectiveness of disability services across the United States. Throughout this study, the researcher discusses the ways that disability services around the country operate, and whether different variables attribute to a greater inclusion and success of the students that receive services. The researcher further explores if certain universities have discovered how to empower disabled individuals and to be advocates for them to their fullest extent. A questionnaire was created specifically for this project and then distributed through a LISTSERV hosted through the University of Buffalo to community college and university disability services departments. The data was then processed through Qualtrics, an analytics program, which was then able to be assessed. With an increased promotion of self-advocacy and the ideation to use empathetic responses when working with students with disabilities in a university setting, the environment produced greater inclusivity. The study also found that disability led departments offered more services than those that were led by able-bodied individuals.

Keywords: disability services, disability led organizations, higher education, universities

Presentation Author(s):
Alison Ramos*

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