Ariel Mcfield, Prairie View A&M University

Bringing Opportunities for Sustaining Sobriety Up (BOSS Up)

Abstract: Marijuana and alcohol are the most commonly abused substances among individuals between the ages of 18-25. As of 2015, 19.8 percent of emerging adults were users of marijuana, while 58.3 percent used alcohol. Though there are many contributing factors associated with substance abuse, attitudes toward substance use are more accepting during emerging adulthood. There is a paucity of research examining how education predicts illicit substance use attitudes on historically black university campuses. This study examined attitudes, thoughts and behaviors related to illicit drug and alcohol use at Prairie View A&M University. Students (N=228) were randomly selected to complete a brief survey related to illicit drug and alcohol use. Substance use attitudes were regressed onto age and level of education. Initial findings indicated as age increased positive attitudes toward illicit substance use decreased. Yet, among emerging adults, age served as a positive predictor of positive attitudes toward weekend marijuana use. With these findings, we propose prevention interventions, and further exploration regarding specific factors that may contribute to substance use issues at Prairie View A&M University.

Presentation Author(s):
Ariel McField*, Salim Salim, Dashiel Geyen

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