Benjamin Escoto, Texas A&M International University

Human Factors

Abstract: The purpose of this project is to study the effects that emotional distress and fatigue can have on a drivers awareness and overall performance.  To simulate a stressed environment we will be recruiting subjects of our non control group near the end of their work or school days when the subjects are most tired. Along with tiredness we may also experiment with drivers who are speaking on the phone, texting, driving, or changing a song on their mobile device. We will also be turning off the lights and collecting data via eye monitoring goggles which track the eye movements of our subjects. We will run multiple trials for maximum accuracy and precision of results.   The control group however will be recruited and will drive at their time of choosing so that they have the most energy and attention to dedicate to the simulation. What we hope to learn from these experiments is how much of a role distractions and fatigue actually play when it comes to driving safely so that we may positively affect those people who are most fatigued when driving.

Presentation Author(s):
Benjamin Escoto*

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