Carolyn Edler, Texas A&M University – Commerce

Reflections of Studying Agriculture Abroad

Abstract: Study abroad opportunities enhance students’ academic experience by exposure to foreign cultures, technologies, and languages. This qualitative study examined the TALL Emerging Leaders 2018 Poland Study Abroad, focusing on studies in several aspects of agriculture. This case demonstrates details of cultural experiences and reflections. I used ethnographic methods, especially my own observations and analysis of events and documents, to develop these conclusions. The main goal of this experiential learning based study abroad was to identify similarities and differences of agriculture techniques and how they vary from region to region. Having the opportunity to work and visit with several agricultural organizations, agricultural producers, university educators, government officials, and gathering insight on the global impact of agriculture, there was a strong development and understanding of how agricultural production compares to and differs from agricultural experiences in the United States.

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Carolyn Edler*

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