Chandan Rao Ramesh, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Automation of Robot for Pedicle Screw Implants

Abstract: The automation of pedicle screw implants play a vital role in extending the lives of homo sapiens who are suffering from spinal related issues by reducing their risk of surgical operations and also drastically reduces the post surgical operations which usually leads to permanent paralysis, foot loss etc. The operation is carried on the spinal cord specifically on the Lumbar vertebral part of the spinal cord, where pedicle is a part of it. The insertion of titanium screw is carried on the pedicle, where the camera detects the point to be inserted on the Lumbar vertebra using Image processing technique; the designed robot adjusts itself to the required angle of insertion (as there is different transverse and inclination angles of insertion for each Lumbar vertebra) using servo-motors and these two are interfaced with the help of rack-and-pinion mechanism using stepper motors. Overall the project reduces the failure rate of surgical operation.

Presentation Author(s):
Chandan Rao Ramesh*, Dr. Lifford McLauchlan, and Dr. Ayush Goyal

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