Cinthya Gabriela Carrera Flores, West Texas A&M University

Understanding Social Media Strategies and Content generation by the U.S. mobile service providersĀ 

Abstract: The US telecommunication industry is largest in the world with AT&T and Verizon Communications being the global market leaders (Gara, 2017). Four major national carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint) are actively seeking to increase their consumer base by offering them competitive pricing, better services and new technology (5G, for example). To better connect with their consumers, the carriers have started to extensively use social media platforms. All the major carriers have Facebook pages that register considerable volume of daily activity. Although there is a burgeoning literature explicating social media content and engagement generated by these content, there is a need to identify and streamline industry specific content and the corresponding responses generated by consumers.

To that end we propose a two-phase study where we analyze the nature of the content generated by the US telecom carriers and the response the consumers generate in response to the foregoing messages. We focus on developing taxonomy using content analysis methodology that helps in identifying and classifying the nature of the messages that are observed in the Facebook pages of these organizations. In the first phase, we only analyze the content generated by the carriers and compare the message profiles (technology, philanthropy, event sponsorship, rewards and promotion) for different service providers. The analysis will offer insight into the strategies undertaken by these corporate entities to consolidate and enlarge their customer bases. In the second phase we propose to analyze the customers’ responses to the messages generated by the corporations. The response analyses will inform us about how well the organizations are connecting with the consumers.

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Cinthya Gabriela Carrera Flores*

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