Cyler Frost, Tarleton State University

Measuring Emotional Intelligence in Texas School-Based Agricultural Education Teachers

Abstract: This study explores the emotional intelligence of School-Based Agricultural Educators (SBAE) teaching Grades 6-12.  While much research has been conducted within the realm of emotional intelligence, including education and leadership, research in emotional intelligence relating to agricultural education is limited. The concept of combining emotional intelligence with agricultural education has been researched in the past, but did not involve the measurement of emotional intelligence concerning a SBAE teaching Grades 6-12. This study determines the critical areas of emotional intelligence needed to be a SBAE teacher in Texas. Areas include self-awareness, awareness of others, authenticity, emotional reasoning, self-management, and positive influence. The study determines the correlation between various demographics (i.e., Gender, Age, Years Teaching Experience, etc.) and the perceived importance and inclusions of emotional intelligence in agricultural educators.

Presentation Author(s):
Cyler Frost*

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