Edward Timms, Prairie View A&M University

Spatial Variability of Soil Physical and Chemical Characteristics in the Kenney Soil of Southeast Texas

Abstract: Soil physical characteristics that include: texture, structure, and color were measured in three profiles of the Kenney loamy fine sand soil. Also, the soil chemical characteristic, pH, was measured in order to assess the acidity and alkalinity conditions within and between the soil profiles.  The soil profiles were collected from three locations within officially named Kenney soil series units that should represent the range of physical and chemical characteristics of this particular soil that occurs in Southeast Texas. The objectives of this research project were to: 1) measure the soil physical characteristics; 2) to measure the chemical characteristic, pH; and 3) to determine the spatial variability of the recorded values within the soil profiles by horizon and between profiles by comparative analyses.  The null hypothesis was that each of the three soil profiles, although geographically distinct, would have the same physical and chemical characteristics based on the USDA NRCS soil survey program naming conventions for individual soils.  The soils are expected to have similar topsoil textures, structures, and colors with a range of variability occurring in the subsoil characteristics due to hydrologic conditions at selected elevation and landscape positions.  Preliminary results indicate that: 1) the soil textures range from loamy fine sand to clay loam; 2) the soil structures range from loose (single grained) to granular (crumb) and subangular blocky; 3) the soil colors range from 10YR 3/2 (very dark grayish brown) to 5YR 4/6 (yellowish red); and 4) the soil pH values range from 4.5 (very strongly acid) to 6.5 (slightly acid).

Presentation Author(s):
Edward Timms* and Richard Griffin

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