Gabriel Wechter Nejad, Tarleton State University

Analyzing Multivariable Water Chemistry to Assess Water Quality of Reference Sites in Texas in Compliance With the National Rivers and Streams Assessment

Abstract: Of the many streams and rivers in Texas, only a few have been previously included in the National Rivers and Streams Assessment, a national water quality survey that recurs every five years. The purpose of this research is to sample a subset of potential reference sites identified by NRSA but never sampled. The study will collect water chemistry data using field and laboratory methods in compliance with NRSA protocols. Each site will be sampled in spring, summer, and fall in order to compare seasonal differences in water quality. Statistical analyses will employ temporal and spatial comparisons of water quality among different streams by season, ecoregion, and watershed land use.  Doing so will bridge data gaps in the national assessment to include rural Texas ecoregions, helping to determine the extent to which rivers and streams support healthy biological conditions and to identify their major stressors to inform management.

Presentation Author(s):
Gabriel Wechter Nejad* and Victoria Chraibi, Ph.D

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