Haley Vincze, Tarleton State University

Foliage-Dwelling Arthropod Abundance Resulting from the Conversion of Bermudagrass to Native Warm-Season Grasses: Hemiptera and Coleoptera

Abstract: In 2015, various techniques were tested in Stephenville, TX to convert bermudagrass into native grassland to improve habitat for quail and other native birds.   Subsequent to bermudagrass control, the following habitats were established: bare-ground, pure stand bermudagrass, standard native seed mix.  The standard native seed mix included little bluestem, indiangrass, switchgrass, sideoats, gramma and eastern gammagrass. Habitats represented treatments and each was replicated three times.  On September 7, 2017, arthropods were collected by sweep net while walking diagonally across each plot.  Arthropods were placed in 70% ethanol and the total number of Hemiptera and Coleoptera were enumerated.

Presentation Author(s):
Haley Vincze*, Madeline Stanfield, Leo Herzberger, David Kattes, and James P. Muir

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