Karan Sharma, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Application of FEA software to Produce Unstructured Meshes for MOCUM Development of Nuclear Reactor Models

Abstract: A transport theory code MOCUM (Method of Characteristics on Unstructured Meshes) based on the method of characteristics is a numerical program for two dimensional rectangular and hexagonal nuclear fuel lattice modeling. In the code, the core structure is represented by the constructive solid geometry that uses regularized Boolean operations to build complex geometries from simple shapes. The ANSYS Software has a comparatively better user friendly GUI as compared to MOCUM, thus making it simpler to model polygons. In this research we use the assistance of a mature FEA software to mesh the fuel assembly and later convert that information to MOCUM mesh format. ANSYS APDL is the software that is used to perform the meshing of the fuel assemblies. Depending on the outcome of the generated mesh, mesh optimization can be performed to either make the mesh finer or courser depending on the complexity of the geometry of the fuel assembly model, Based on the mesh information obtained, using the LINUX server, another plot file will be generated to plot the neutron flux.

Presentation Author(s):
Karan Sharma*

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