Kimani Bradley, Prairie View A&M University

Microbiota Profiling of Soils Amended with Various Organic Materials

Abstract: Soil amendments can be defined as any chemical, biological, or physical material intentionally added to the soil to improve the chemical, physical and microbial condition of the soil in relation to plant growth or to improve the capacity of the soil to hold water. Biological soil amendments consist (in whole or in part) of materials originating from animals such as: manure, non?fecal animal byproducts, table waste, or a combination of all. The objective of this project is to analyze microbiota profiles of the soils amended with various organic materials. The significance of this work is to find how the organic amendments modulate soil microbial communities that are beneficial to plant health.  In this project, soil was amended with one of three organic components (chicken manure, cow manure, or milogranite fertilizer) at four treatment rates (control: 0 kg/ha, low: 168 kg/ha, med: 336 kg/ha, high: 672 kg/ha). Each treatment was performed in three replications (36 total plots). Six soil samples were collected from each plot, snap frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored in -80°C freezer. On the day of DNA extraction, samples were thawed, mixed well and 0.250 grams of each soil sample was used to isolate DNA using PowerLyzer® PowerSoil® DNA Isolation Kit. NanoDrop 2000 was used to measure the DNA concentrations while also evaluating the quality. DNA concentrations for the soils amended by cow’s manure, chicken manure and milogranite were 24.77 ng/μl ± 12.12 ng/μl, 21.96 ng/μl ± 10.82 ng/μl and 20.85 ng/μl ± 9.24 ng/μl, respectively. The highest treatment rate for each amendment yielded the highest concentration amount. In conclusion, DNA was successfully extracted and was in range according to similar published research. These satisfactory results allow for progression towards the next phase in this research – soil microbiota profiling using bacterial 16s rRNA sequencing.

Presentation Author(s):
Kimani Bradley*, Dalais Bailey, Mahta Moussavi, Deland Myers, Javad Barouei

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