Latisha Melton, Tarleton State University

Awareness of Christian Women Job Corps and Available Resources.

Abstract: Unemployment has a pronounced effect on women who are sole income providers for their families under the poverty level. Christian Women’s Job Corps, also known as CWJC, focuses on women in Texas whose economic status may be depressed, and their families may be impoverished. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics report that four percent of Texans were unemployed (Unemployment Rates for States, 2018). Some of the women attending CWJC have at one time obtained a criminal record, hindering their ability to gain employment.  With limited research on CWJC, the researchers hypothesize there are businesses who are not aware that women are qualified resources for employment.  This study uses a mixed methodology with an emphasis on quantitative data. A sample size of 75 businesses are identified using judgmental sampling. The researchers have created a survey with four qualitative and five quantitative questions. Maslow’s (1943) Hierarchy of Needs is an applicable theory because rest, warmth, food, and water are basic human needs (McLeod, 2017, para 9). This theory allows the researchers to understand the basic needs of the women who are seeking services. The researchers hypothesize most businesses are less likely to be aware of services provided by the CWJC agency. Results from the study allow researchers to obtain the level of knowledge of available employment resources for women.

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Latisha Melton*

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