Michael Martinez, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

Towards Monitoring Human Body Joint Rotations via Magnetic Fields

Abstract: This project aims to develop new technology that could address different problems within the health care domain, for instance, within rehabilitation programs. If we can provide the therapist with data or information related to the patient’s movements during the execution of the exercises, we could be developing a tool that will assist the therapist in the decision making when selecting new therapies. Tracking the movements in the human body can allow for better assessing rehabilitation training programs.

Our approach is based on magnetometers that sense the position and orientation of a magnetic source. To determine the position and orientation of a magnetic source in a three-dimensional space, we gather and compute the magnetic flux density components of the source and properly filter and arrange the data. Experimental data from our first approach lead to a mean position and angle error of 47.88 mm and 80.71 degrees, respectively, while our second strategy lead to a mean position and angle error of 15.96 mm and 3.33 degrees, respectively. This project leverages not only the development of an experimental platform that could be used to demonstrate its use in the health care domain, but also engage collaboration with industry. This work could be extended to other domains such as in the assessment of human body movements of stroke survivors and other patients with sensorimotor disorders. It will contribute to improve research and experience in modular systems, automation and health care programs.

Presentation Author(s):
Michael Martinez*, Juan Martinez, Jose Baca

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