Monsuru Suara, Texas A&M University – Kingsville


Abstract: This research work investigated the kinetics of salicylic acid under UV/chlorine/nitrate advanced oxidation process (AOP). UV/chlorine advanced oxidation process is receiving increased attention as a promising advanced treatment process for degrading micropollutants known as contaminants of emerging concern (CECS) from wastewater. Past and current research works are focusing on degrading target CECs using UV/chlorine AOP, which employs OH radicals to attack contaminants, as well as improving the removal efficiencies  for those contaminants under the UV/chlorine AOP. The research investigated the enhancement of OH radical generation in a UV/chlorine system by spiking with nitrate using salicylic acid (SA) as the target compound. SA is a chemical species commonly used to indirectly detect and measure generation of OH radicals in an aqueous system. SA in aqueous solution was treated individually, in dark reactions, with chlorine, nitrate, chlorine/nitrate. SA was also treated with these chemical species (individually and combined) in the presence of UV light at 254 nm. Samples were analyzed using a spectrophotometer, and the degradation kinetics were determined. The degradation of SA was enhanced by the presence of nitrate in the system indication generation of more OH radicals.

Presentation Author(s):
Monsuru Abiodun Suara*

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