Nahin Bahar Chowdhury, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Study of Full Metal Jacket Bullet Impact Behavior on 7039 Aluminum Alloy with Numerical Simulation

Abstract: In this research, we have simulated a full metal jacket bullet impact behavior on aluminum 7039 alloy and have studied on interface defeat, rupture condition and conservation of energy. Abaqus explicit dynamics version 2017 is used for this simulation. As the geometry of the projectile is complex, for getting the best result we used quadratic hexahedral and modified tetrahedral elements for meshing. In modeling of ballistic armor, a strike face is used for eroding the projectile and resist the primary impact while further stage of composite materials is placed as back face to absorb the remaining impact energy of the projectile fragments. Because of high mechanical and thermal property, aluminum 7039 alloy is chosen as strike face plate of the ballistic armor. This simulation is a part of the study aimed to enhance the ballistic performance of three-dimensional truss composite armor system using aluminum 7039 alloy as strike face plate and angularly shaped ceramic and carbon nanotubes with epoxy as back face to ensure better efficiency of the three-dimensional truss.

Presentation Author(s):
Nahin Bahar Chowdhury*

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