Saswat Pandey, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

A Blood Pressure And Heartbeat Anomaly Detection And Notification Mobile Application System(BPHADNS)

Abstract: This work presents the development of a blood pressure and heartbeat anomaly detection and notification tool as an Android application that allows fast detection of abnormalities in a patient’s vital signs and reports it to the relevant hospital or clinical personnel. The vitals data will be obtained from the health sensors via a Bluetooth connection. The collected data, in our case a set of simulated data, will be analyzed for anomalies, which if detected will then generate an alert to be sent to doctor or clinical personnel. This notification will be received by the doctor (or any clinical personnel or health sector worker having the same application) who is registered by the user as their responsible clinical personnel while registering for the app. The security aspect of the system is governed by the fine-grained permission methodology which dictates that only relevant permissions required for the proper functioning of the application should be provided to the application. Along with the encryption and decryption of the alerts being sent add to making the system secure.

Presentation Author(s):
Saswat Raj Pandey*, Ayush Goyal, and David Hicks

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