Upamanyu Sinha, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Cybersecurity for Smart Inverter in PV systems

Abstract: The modern era is connected and controlled via the internet. Interfacing power electronic devices over the internet using an IOT (Internet of Things) platform can be revolutionary. Binding power devices with real time embedded systems can be controlled over a cloud platform saving huge amount of time, building a safe sustainable environment.

Wherever internet is involved, its security is intensely important to prevent malfunctioning of the device. Platforms over the internet are always vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To safeguard the devices from these vulnerabilities, we address the concerns by hardware hardening to prevent IC counterfeiting, side channel attacks. Software security threats are also addressed by preventing sniffing, spoofing and Trojan attacks.

We demonstrate our idea using a solar inverter, an inverter converting DC (Direct-Current) into AC (Alternating-Current) useful for homes and industries powered by TI-C2000 microcontroller. A solar panel acting as a photovoltaic devices is used as the renewable, sustainable power source. The inverter is smartened by controlling the device with a Raspberry Pi platform. This device serves as the IOT platform safeguarded by software and hardware hardening. This IOT platform gives access to the internet and the smart inverter can be monitored, controlled and troubleshot over the Microsoft-Azure cloud platform.

Presentation Author(s):
Upamanyu Sinha* and Kamalakar Nemalli

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