Virgil Henson Activities Center (VHAC)

Our activity center will be made available to our Pathways participants on Thursday & Friday. You will need to check in at the VHAC at the front desk by signing the “Pathways” list. Please wear your Pathways lanyard and bring a photo ID (driver’s license or student ID). WT will cover the entrance fee, but participants will be responsible for any additional fees listed below.

All Purpose Room

6 am-10 pm
Four full-court basketball

Bowling Lanes

$2.00 per game
$1.00 shoe rental

*Bowling shoes must be worn by everyone on the approach.
*Lofting of balls is prohibited.
*Bowlers are not allowed to be beyond the foul lines on the lanes.
*Only one person is allowed on the approach at a time.
*The bowling balls should be returned to the racks after bowling.
*Make sure the sweep has returned to the proper position before beginning your approach.
*Personal equipment should be used at your own risk.

Racquetball Courts

May check-out a racquet & purchase a ball for $2.00.

*Workout attire is required.
*Each person must register at the bowling lane counter.
*No more than 4 people are allowed in a racquetball court at a time.
*Each person may reserve a court for 1 hour only.
*For safety, the VHAC recommends & encourages the use of protective eyewear while playing.

Swimming Pool


*All users of the pool are required to sign in at the pool office.
*Cut-offs or swimsuits with any buttons are prohibited in the pool.
*Individuals with any type of bandage, or tape on their body are prohibited from entering the pool.
*Running or tag games in the pool or on the deck is prohibited.
*Breakable objects, food, drinks, or gum are not permitted in the pool area. Plastic water bottles are acceptable.
*There will be no visiting or unnecessary talking to lifeguards on duty.
*Teaching, maintenance & safety equipment are off limits to everyone except instructors, maintenance personnel or lifeguards.

Weight Room

*Workout attire required.
*Must be 16 years of age to use weight room.
*Weight room equipment must remain in specified areas.
*Please return the weights to the racks after they are used.
*Safety supports and collars should be used when lifting.
*Weights are not to be dropped or slammed.
*Please use the disinfectant provided to clean off cardio equipment after workout is complete.

Climbing Tower

Available 5pm-10pm

Game Room

Available 3pm-10pm

*Billiards–$2.00 per hours (first hour), $.50 per 15 minutes after first hour.
*Foosball–$2.00 per hours (first hour), $.50 per 15 minutes after first hour.
*Air Hockey–$2.00 per hours (first hour), $.50 per 15 minutes after first hour.
*Shuffleboard–$2.00 per hours (first hour), $.50 per 15 minutes after first hour.

Note: All tables will have a minimum of 1 hour rental.

*Darts—Free—must check out darts or bring your own.
*Table Tennis—Free—must check out table tennis paddles.  Will be charged replacement cost for damaged equipment.  Must purchase a table tennis ball or bring your own–$.50 per ball.
*Board Games & Deck of Cards—Free

**All guest pass users will be charged $1.00 per hour more per activity.