Xavier Debose, Prairie View A&M University

Spatial Variability of Soil Color, Texture, and pH Values from the Wall of Soil: Archived Soils Collection at Prairie View A&M University

Abstract: Soil color, texture, and pH values were measured in selected soils that are part of the Wall of Soil, which is the archived soils collection in the Cooperative Agricultural Research Center at Prairie View A&M University.  The soil samples have been collected from research and collaborative projects in various parts of Texas, the United States, and several countries throughout the world during the last 30 years. The objectives of this research project were to: 1) measure the soil color, using the Munsell soil color charts; 2) to measure soil texture, using the “ribbon method”; 3) to measure the soil pH, using a portable probe in a 1:1 soil and water mixture; and 4) to determine the spatial variability of the recorded values by soil type by comparative analyses.  The null hypothesis was that each soil type, would have the same color, texture, and pH values.  The soils are expected to have a wide range of colors, textures, and pH values, since each has been influenced by the five soil formation factors of climate, organisms, parent material, relief, and time.  This project will serve as an excellent comparison point for various studies that have been completed as part of undergraduate and graduate research programs with an opportunity for future comparison to other regional, national, and international databases. Preliminary results indicate that: 1) the soil colors range from 10YR 3/2 (very dark grayish brown) to 2.5YR 6/4 (light reddish brown); 2) the soil textures range from loamy fine sand to fine clay; and 3) the soil pH values range from 4.5 (very strongly acid) to 7.4 (slightly alkaline).

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Xavier Debose*

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