Yanira Resendez, Texas A&M International University

A Qualitative Exploration of Women in Law Enforcement Navigating Their Work-life Challenges

Abstract: This study aims to understand the experiences and challenges women in law enforcement face.  Women bring a unique face to policing and other professions within law enforcement since it is a traditional male dominated field; Understanding women’s work experiences and how they manage the varying challenges they face is critical in evaluating women’s position within the law enforcement culture.  Through this research, the following questions will be answered: What work-life challenges do women working in criminal justice and law enforcement professions experience in male-dominated professions? and How do women working in criminal jus-tice and law enforcement manage the work-life challenges in male-dominated professions? The research will utilize in-depth qualitative interviews through snowball sampling. This methodology will provide a richer and insightful understanding of the experiences and challenge women face within the law enforcement culture.

Presentation Author(s):
Yanira Resendez*

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